When Should You Replace Your Car's Battery? Battery Service Available Today in Hillsboro

The battery is the most critical component of your car. Essentially, the battery ensures the proper running of your car's electrical and electronic parts, including the lights, GPS, and infotainment system. There's nothing more irritating than a car that refuses to start, especially when you're running late. Car owners should, thus, be keen to notice when the battery shows signs of dying out. Here are the top indicators that you should get a new battery for your vehicle in Portland and Vancouver, WA.

You've Had the Battery for More Than Three Years

Just like other car parts, the battery too grows old with time. According to experts, the average working life of your car's battery ranges between three to four years.

Older batteries are far less efficient and could die out at any time. Constant charging and discharging cause the battery to lose power gradually. Extreme heat, particularly during summer in Beaverton, could also lower the battery's performance.

Dim Lights

If your car's headlights are gradually becoming dimmer, consider consulting a car expert immediately. Dim headlights could be due to several reasons, including a bad battery. Flickering dashboard and lights are another sign that your battery could be in its dying phase.

Car Refuses to Start

Does your car produce a clicking sound but doesn't start? If so, your car's battery could have lost its power to run the engine. Recharging the battery will restore the battery's power to start and run the engine. You could also jumpstart the car to revive the engine.

However, if the vehicle fails to start even after recharging and jumpstarting, you're possibly dealing with massive battery issues. Getting a new battery will ensure your car runs smoothly from Gladstone to Salem.

Most importantly, replacing the battery provides much-needed mental peace. You don't have to worry about your car stopping unexpectedly in the middle of the road. Contact us at Dick's Hillsboro Hyundai today for professional battery checks, maintenance, and replacement.


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