Shopping for a used SUV in the Portland area is a great way to save cash. At Dick's Hillsboro Hyundai, you can find an outstanding selection of Honda, Jeep, and Hyundai SUVs at very reasonable prices. Best of all, all of our used autos in the Beaverton area are expertly maintained and in excellent condition. Read on to discover how a used SUV can be a wise investment.

Our Used SUVs Have Already Undergone Their Initial Depreciation

A new SUV is going to lose thousands of dollars in value the minute that you take it off the lot. Moreover, this steep depreciation will continue all throughout its first 12 months of use. However, if you buy a used SUV, its value is likely to stay stable for several years. You'll get exactly what you pay for, and can sidestep extraordinary, first-year value losses.

Save Both Now and Later With a Used SUV

With less spent on your vehicle upfront, you'll enjoy lower registration fees and significant savings on your auto insurance. This factor alone lets Salem area buyers allocate more of their shopping budgets for getting the autos and automotive features that they want, rather than saving large sums for their after-purchase expenses. With a late-model Ford, Jeep, or Hyundai SUV, you can benefit from advanced safety, infotainment, and comfort features. More importantly, you can get an SUV that looks, drives, and even smells brand new, without taking on excessive registration and insurance costs.

Get A Used SUV That's Rich With Outstanding, Cutting-Edge Technologies

SUVs are incredibly popular among Gladstone drivers with lots of passengers and cargo to get around. Surprisingly, however, these larger vehicles can be just as feature-rich as smaller, sportier automobiles. You can find options with:

  • Multi-zone climate control
  • Heated front seats
  • State-of-the-art sound systems
  • Heated steering wheels
  • Rearview cameras
  • Comprehensive safety suites including auto emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, lane departure alerts, rear-cross traffic alerts, and more

Get Your Next SUV At Dick's Hillsboro Hyundai, Serving Vancouver, WA

When you buy a new SUV, you may wind up paying for dealer extras that you don't really like, want, or need. With used SUVs, dealer options like protective paint finishes are already included in the price tag. In fact, a number of our used SUVs also come with impressive upgrades. Many have even been customized to suit specific lifestyles, interests, and needs. With such an expansive inventory of used autos to choose from, you're guaranteed to find the perfect vehicle at the ideal price point.

Come see us at Dick's Hillsboro Hyundai now to check out our autos and schedule a test drive.

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