For many people, buying pre-owned vehicles represent a practical choice. There are plenty of used cars still in very good condition, and with a little diligence you can drive home a real bargain.

The common perception is that if the car--or any other item, for that matter--is pre-owned, then it must have been disposed of by the previous owner for a reason. But some well-off people buy new cars every year just because they can afford to do so. And the vehicles they sell off will likely be one of many in their garages, hence each one might be very slightly used.

To improve your chances of finding the car you want or need at a great price, consider the following tips.

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Determine the Model for You Need

You wouldn’t want to waste too much time aimlessly looking for a used car in the dealer’s lot. It's much better to do some initial research on the kind of model you would like to have. This should help you narrow down your search immediately. Then you can phone the dealer to ask if he has it in stock, so you don't waste time. Prepare the questions you may have about the vehicle, such as engine performance, potential trim upgrades, and possible dents and scratches.

Know the Vehicle’s History

Speaking of dents and scratches, find out if the vehicle has been in any fender bender. This is so that you can check it more thoroughly to find damages not immediately visible, such as those on the chassis or underbody, which can cause bigger problems for you in the long run.

It should also give you a glimpse of how much repairs the vehicle had undergone, and what other components you should look at more closely. Ideally, you should bring a mechanic with you to give the vehicle a thorough inspection. Take note of parts that are practically up for replacement, too. Should there be any significant findings, you can make these as your main points for negotiating the price.

The important thing is that you get a comprehensive look at the state the used car is in, so you can gauge whether it is worth paying what the dealer is asking for. Car dealers like those from Dick’s Hillsboro Hyundai make dealings as smooth and pain-free as possible. Make sure to get professional assistance when looking to buy used cars.


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