3 Don’ts When Shopping at Used Cars Dealerships to Avoid Wasting Money

The quality of used cars may not be the same as that of a vehicle fresh from the manufacturer. Given this, you have to be more cautious when making a purchase. Many car buyers make mistakes when buying used cars in Portland, resulting in waste of money and a lot of headache due to mechanical problems. To avoid a decision you might regret later on, you need to be aware of these three most common mistakes.

Failure to Check the Vehicle History Report

The vehicle history report can tell you a lot about the car that you plan on buying. Not only does it include information about where the car came from or what happened with it in the past, you can also find out whether it has figured in an accident or has been damaged in a hurricane or other disasters. You can also know if it is a rental unit or a lease return. Knowing the origin and history of the vehicle you plan on owning is essential to determine its condition, more importantly, to find out if the money you plan on spending will be worth it.

shopping at used cars dealerships

Ignoring Fuel Consumption

The vehicle’s EPA rating is an important factor to consider when shopping at used cars dealerships. Knowing how much gas the car is consuming will help you determine if it is the kind you need or not. Also, it is essential for your budget if you are conscious about your finances. You can check government websites to learn about miles-per-gallon of both new and older models. This will let you narrow down your choices.

Not Considering Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Certified pre-owned vehicles mean that they have undergone a comprehensive inspection. And in case they have defects, these have been repaired. You may have to pay more for certified pre-owned vehicles, but these usually come with better warranty and benefits. Make sure that you consider this type of used car if you want higher quality.

These are only some of the common mistakes that used car buyers tend to make because they are misinformed. You can avoid these by doing research, asking for recommendations, inspecting the car thoroughly, and going to a reliable used car dealership.

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